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In Banana Accounting, various functions to manage the Customers register in a simple and optimal way are available. The customer database can be set both in double-entry accounting (also with VAT and Multi-currency) and in the Cash Manager (Categories table) and in the Income / Expense accounting. This flexibility allows all users to set up a customer ledger for any type of accounting.

The settings of the customer data include both the management of the turnover and that of the collected. You can also manage customer accounts in foreign currencies.

Similar to Excel

Banana Accounting is based on tables like in Excel, but everything is set up for accounting and there is no need to enter formulas or make calculations.

Based on tables

The settings and all customer transactions are available in the following tables:


Additional tables that support additional functionalities, can be added .

Customer management

Banana Accounting provides accounting plans templates with pre-defined customer register settings.

There are two categories of templates:

  1. Templates with the turnover ledger.
  2. Templates with the ledger on the collected (with cost centers).

Just open the template and customize it, inserting your own accounts, changing the description or deleting unneeded accounts and you can instantly go to the registration of transactions.

Invoices to customers

Customer control

Financial budgets

Balance sheet

Other accounting printouts


Closing and new year

Data export and storage

Documents table

Other Additional Tables


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