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The printing of Payment reminders is accessed from the Reports menu → Clients → Print payment reminders.

Integrated invoices, print payment reminders
The program automatically creates payment reminders from past due invoices.

  • In addition to the printouts, the program directly creates the transactions in the Transactions table, which are used to recreate the issued reminders history.
  • These transactions show the document date and the document Type: 16-1 first reminder, 16-2 second reminder and 16-3 third reminder.

Use last payment reminders

If in the Transactions table there are reminder transactions with the indicated date, the program will suggest to print these reminders.

Create new payment reminders

For all invoices that have expired, automatic reminder transactions are created in the Transactions table, which allow the printing of reminders.

Integrated invoicing, create new payment reminders

Payment reminders

The program will show the expired invoices, which you can deactivate if you do not wish to send the reminder.

Integrated invoices, layout for printing payment reminders


Two reminder templates are available, one with a logo and one without. It is not possible to include the payment slip.

Manage extensions

To update the templates with the latest ones or to add your own custom templates go to the Extensions menu.
It allows you to set the parameters of the selected style.




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