Installing Banana Accounting+

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On this page you will find a step-by-step explanation of the Banana Accounting Plus installation process.
Once the installation is done, check out how to activate your Banana Accounting+ subscription.

The installation images refer to a Windows environment;
the other operating systems adopt similar procedures.

Before installing Banana Accounting Plus, consult the system requirements.

How to download Banana Accounting+

As soon as you click on the Download button, your browser will download the Banana Accounting Plus executable file.

Download file eseguibile

Choose the Save File button to download the program and double click on the file to start the installation process.

Avvio installazione automatica

The program suggest to save in the AppData\Local folder of your user name. If you want to save it in another folder choose it using the Browse button.

Installazione in corso

The installation usually only takes a few seconds. At the end of the installation process Banana Accounting Plus is launched.


Installations of Banana Accounting Plus on servers, USB flash drives or on computers not connected to the Internet are not possible.

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