The Free plan, your gateway to the accounting world!

The Free plan of Banana Accounting Plus includes unlimited Cash Manager and Time Sheet applications. 
Access all other accounting and productivity applications with up to 70 rows, completely free. 

Ideal for students, individuals, and anyone eager to explore this powerful software.

Explore accounting with ease
Free tools for management and optimization

Test the potential Banana Accounting Plus with the Free plan

Discover the accounting world with the easiest possible tool!

Use all applications and features up to 70 rows

With the Free plan you can use the Cash Manager and Time Sheet for free and with no limits. You can also use the other accounting and productivity apps with no time limits, up to 70 transaction rows.

If you go over the 70 rows you can't save or copy your file, and a watermark will appear if you print it. 

Want to continue? No problem: you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime, in just a few minutes, while keeping all your work intact. 

Quick start

Be up and running in minutes:

  1. Choose the template that suits you from the many available
  2. Insert or import transactions from your statements
  3. Print out all the statements you need

...and your accounting is done!

No personal data required

Easily accessible, our Free plan requires no personal information, payment details, or email (optional). Ad-free for uninterrupted productivity!

When you open Banana Accounting Plus for the first time, you'll be asked to enter your email. In the Free plan, this is optional and allows you to receive our informative newsletters.

Smooth transition into other applications

Ready to grow? 

You can purchase one of the paid plans anytime. 
Then, with a simple command you can convert your Cash Manager file into an Income & Expenses or a double-entry accounting file. All your work done is kept.

If you have files from other applications, purchasing automatically cancels the 70-row limit.

Manage your time and money effortlessly with the Free plan!

Enjoy unlimited and free Cash Manager and Time Sheet. Create all the files you need, with as many rows as you require.

Unlimited and free Cash Manager

Take advantage of the Cash Manager application to manage all the movements of your cash or any other account.
Easy. Intuitive. Totally free. Ideal for:

  • Managing your household finances, including Budgeting
  • Planning and managing cash flow
  • Your activity's cash book
  • Cash management for specific sectors or projects
  • Young people and students' accounting
  • Managing kids' allowances

Watch the Cash Manager video (2'40")

Unlimited and free Time Sheet

Unlock efficient hour tracking with our free and unlimited Time Sheet. 

Similar to Excel, it's optimized for precise time calculations, offering reliability and easy management of various work hours. 

Correct and view all hours seamlessly. 

More information about the Time Sheet


Ideal to teach or learn accounting

Banana Accounting Plus is an accelerator for learning accounting! The Debit and Credit columns are always visible, making it easier to learn the principles of double-entry accounting.

With its Excel-like interface, Banana Accounting Plus minimizes the time needed to explain how the program works.

Most exercises fit within the 70 rows, making the Free plan the perfect teaching tool! 
If that's not enough, we offer free subscriptions to schools.

More information on our offer for schools

Access Banana data even without subscription

With Banana Accounting Plus, your data is always available, even years later and even without a subscription, unlike other cloud software that restricts access.

This flexibility also extends to external consultants without a subscription, who want to view client data.