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In order to create a Pdf file choose File → Create Pdf dossier from the menu (or click on the corresponding icon on the Toolbar).

Create Pdf dossier

File Name

In this area you enter the name of the new file that the program will create to export the data or browse for an existing file (the program will overwrite it with the new data).

Display file immediately

As soon as the Pdf file has been created, the software to view it, will be opened. This way, the result of the export can be displayed immediately. Do remember that browsers like Mozilla and MS Explorer use a cache mechanism for files. When the export is made for a second time, it is possible that the user will see the previous version until the browser Reload button is pressed.

File creation options - Headers 1, 2 and 3

You may enter up to three different headers which will appear in the PDF file.


If your logo has been set in the File → Logo Setup menu, you can choose whether to display the logo in the PDF file or exclude it.

  • None: the logo is excluded
  • Logo: includes the logo.

Refer to the Logo Settings page.

Page options

By activating the page options it is possible to include:

  • page numbers
  • restart numbering for each section
  • date

Page size

You can select the page format


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