Financial Planning

An innovative financial forecasting system that adapts to your needs.
Comprehensive forecast plans for the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Liquidity and Investments.
Simple use, powerful calculations.


Forecasts within everyone's reach

  • The same file is used for accounting and budget
  • Fast data entry
  • Automatic projections over one or several years
  • Advanced simulations
  • Prints and reports with final comparison


Budget planning is already set up

With Banana Accounting Plus you own a wide range of ready-to-use financial plans. You can open them and customize them with your forecasts, or consult them to understand how they work.
Find forecasts for various types of businesses, startups, businesses, associations and families.

You can immediately create simulations to evaluate different alternatives and select the one that suits you best.




Create your forecasting in no time

In the Budget table, you can create your forecasts in an instant. Enter data easily, and with the same methodology you have selected for accounting, using the same accounts as your Chart of Accounts.

You can imagine what the situation will be before things happen, and have the opportunity to take steps in time for a better achievement of your goals.

Update the forecast in real time

If you find that for any reason your forecast is not in line with your business situation, you can change and adapt it to new situations at any time.

You can add, edit or delete forecast entries and the budget is instantly updated.

Very practical graphics help you understand the comparison between final balance and budget at a glance.

Projections over several years

Banana Accounting Plus projects your financial forecasts by month, quarter, half year, year and over several years.

At a glance you have a realistic view of your future sales volumes, the related costs and understand if your capital will be sufficient.