Download Banana Accounting 9

Version 9.0.4 (see changes history)

  • Multilingual accounting program
    (English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Examples and templates in different languages with online help in English, German, Chinese, French and Italian
  • Without viruses, ads or expiration dates
  • The use of the software and of the documentation is governed by the User's license and Terms and Conditions

Select the file for your operating system (system requirements)


Download for Windows 64 bit

Download for Windows 32 bit
For old computers:it does not contain the charts and does not allow printing of files with over 100,000 records.

Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 - How to install


Version 10.12 and following. How to install.
Download for Mac OS X


64 bit only, tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and following. How to install.
Ubuntu Software

Download .appImage

Download tar.gz

Free Version

Once installed, the program operates in Free Version mode*.

  • Cashbook (without VAT) and Time sheet are full and unlimited
  • For other applications (double-entry accounting, income & expenses accounting, cash book with VAT, etc.)
    you can create, set, and maintain an unlimited number of accounting files, each with up to 70 transactions in the Transactions table, 20 rows in the Budget table, watermarked prints (also see Licenses). No time limit.

When you buy the license key and enter the license key into the program, it will switch into the full Professional mode.
You can continue to work on the file you have already created, all limitations will be lifted.

Updating an existing version of Banana Accounting 9

If you already have a Banana Accounting 9 version on your computer (for example version 9.0.2):

  • Download the installation file of the latest Banana Accounting 9 version
  • Proceed with the normal installation
  • Your software will be updated and all settings, files, license key, will remain unchanged.

New in the 9 version

  • Charts integrated in the program.
    • Customer management:
      • Creation and print of invoices, directly from the accounting transactions.
      • Payment reminders.
      • Statements.
    • Utilities:
      • New Timesheet for management of working hours.
      • New Depreciable assets register
        • Asset management, with different types of depreciation.
        • Import to accounting.
      • Improved Library application.
      • Address management.
        Download from Google contacts, carrying forward phone and email of the same type in a single column, separating them with ";"
    • Various improvements to the graphic interface.
      • New navigation keys to redo the cells previously displayed or modified.
      • Current row highlighted to facilitate data verification.
    • Accounting creation dialogue, completely renewed.
      • List of all available online templates.
      • Links to additional information.
      • Immediate creation of new file by resuming the online template.
    • BananaApps.
      • Installation using the available online list.
      • Automatic update of new versions available online.
      • Packages containing different functions, with their own menus.
      • Expansion of the API, with the possibility to expand the functionalities.
    • Integrated Web server:
      • Support of https:.
      • New added possibilities
      • Excel Add-in connection for optimal synergy with Microsoft Excel.
    • Several technical improvements that make the program even faster and more functional.
    • User's own logo on the prints.
    • New rates Swiss VAT 2018:
      • Update VAT Codes table command.
      • Printout of Facsimile of new reports, as BananaApps.

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