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The VAT management of Banana accounting is complete and flexible, and allows you to manage all VAT cases encountered.

  • VAT Codes Table
    The rates and other parameters for the calculation of VAT are defined.
    Each country file has VAT codes set on the basis of the reporting needs.
  • VAT Settings in File Properties
    Allows you to define the default account on which to post VAT and the amounts to be used to post on cost and profit centers.
  • VAT columns in the Accounts table
    A VAT code can be associated with a specific account, so that when the account is used in the Transactions table, the default VAT code is automatically proposed.
  • VAT columns in the Transactions table
    When registering, the VAT code is indicated and the program calculates the VAT and records it on the appropriate accounts.
  • VAT report
    Is a report of all VAT transactions for the defined period. You can customize it according to your requirements.
  • Extensions to national VAT reports.
    They are additional reports, different for each country, that print or export VAT data in the format required by the tax authorities. Refer to National VAT documentation.

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