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Installation and license key




  • Banana Accounting uses the color settings of the operating system.

    The Dark or the Light mode functions from on Banana Accounting Plus version 10.0.10.
    Warning: if you sometimes see your Banana Accounting in light mode and sometimes in dark mode you have probably set the automatic transition.

    On Windows, high contrast settings are supported.

  • Banana Accounting Plus doesn't have its own cloud, but it allows you to work on yours. The program is installed on your computer and works locally.

    As far as files are concerned, you can save them wherever you want, so either locally, on external devices, or on the Cloud.
    Your data and accounting files belong solely to you. Our company has no access to your data. We recommend you to always make backup security copies of your files.

    For more information please visit the following pages:

Editing your files

Other questions

If you still need assistance, you can contact us with our Generic contact form or contact form for users on the Advanced plan.

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