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Before contacting us, please verify if your question is one of the following:

  • Is Banana Accounting compatible with Apple macOS 10.12 "Sierra"?
    Yes, the program is compatible from version 8.0.4.
  • Is Banana Accounting available for iOS?
    Yes, the program is available for iOS from version 8.0.4. For more information please visit our iOS page.
  • Is Banana Accounting available for Android and Chrome OS?
    Yes, Banana for Android is available. More information can be found on the Android page and Chrome OS.
  • Banana Accounting needs to be reinstalled, but I can’t find my license key…
    For more information, please see our page  License Key Recovery.
  • How many mandates can be managed with Banana Accounting?
    Banana Accounting has no limits on mandates. You can manage an unlimited number of mandates.
  • I installed Banana Accounting 9 and the accounting file opens in the old version. What can I do?
    Please follow the procedure on the page Associate .ac2 files with the most recent Banana version.
  • Is there a multi-license version?
    If your company needs several licenses, we can provide you with one single license key, just give us a call or contact us by email.
  • Discount of 10% when purchasing 20 or more licenses. For other quantities, please consult our price list.  
  • License transfer in an association

    If the license is in the name of the association's accountant:
    When the association's accountant changes, the license can be transferred to the new accountant, but SA has to be notified in advance. SA will delete the old accountant's data and will put the license in the name of the new accountant. The old accountant will no longer be able to work with Banana Accounting.

    If the license is in the name of the association:
    When the association's accountant changes and the accounting work is done on a computer owned by the association, it is not necessary to communicate the new accountant's name to SA.

    Attention: these license transfers are possibile only for Banana Accounting version 9.
    For older versiones license transfers are only possible if within the same operating system
    : a Windows license cannot be used on a Mac or Linux operating system viceversa. In order to switch from one operating system to another, it is necessary to purchase a license to Banana Accounting 9 (multiplatform for Windows, Mac, Linux) at the updgrade price.

  • Transferring from one Operating System to another.
    Banana Accounting 9 is a multiplatform software, and the license is compatible will all the operating systems: Windos, Mac and Linux. 
    If you have and old Banana Accounting version, you can purchase version 9 for a discounted upgrade price. For more information please visit our Updates page.
  • Is the Cash book free in version 9?
    The Cash book (without VAT) is free only from version 9.0.4 (see here).
  • Is the Time Sheet free in version 9?
    The Time Sheet is free only from version 9.0.4 (see here).
  • How to convert from one accounting type unto another (for example, from an accounting without VAT to one with VAT)
    It is possible to go from one type of accounting to another with the Convert to new file command from the Tools menu. The program creates a new file that should be saved under a new name. It maintains all the data that have already been entered and adds (or eliminates) the columns that are specific to the new accounting type.
  • Does Banana Accounting manage the inventory?
     Currently there are no modules to manage the inventory.
  • Does Banana Accounting generate invoices?
    From Banana Accounting 9, it is possible to manage the invoicing.
  • What should I do with my own data files when I update Banana Accounting?
    Nothing: your data files are automatically updated when opened with a new version.
  • Banana Accounting and incompatible exchange rates from previous versions
    When the basic currency is entered as the reference currency, the exchange rates with a multiplier greater than 1 can present calculation differences between Banana 9 and the previous versions.
    To solve the problem, please consult our page Incompatible exchange rates from previous versions.
  • Is it possible to import data from other accounting software?
    Yes, just follow the instructions on this internet page: Transferring data from other accounting software.
  • Can I install Banana Accounting on my laptop or on a second computer?
    Installation on a laptop or on a second computer (with the same license key) is allowed as long as both computers belong to the same owner. This possibility is only available for the first license.
  • Can I purchase with a credit card?
    Yes it is possible to buy with a credit card. In order to buy from Switzerland, please connect to the page Purchase from Switzerland.
    In order to buy from abroad with a credit card, please connect to the page Purchase from other nations.
  • In the printout of the Enhanced Balance sheet by groups, the expenses and revenue have the minus sign in front of the amount. Why?
    In the Accounts table, check the BClass column; the numbers should be as follows: 1 for the Assets,  2 for the Liabilities, 3 for the Expenses and 4 for the Revenue. Also, check the Section column: there should be 1 in the row of the Assets title, 2 for the Liabilities, 3 for the Expenses and 4 for the Revenue, 01 for the Clients register, 02 for the Suppliers register, 03 for the Cost centers and 04 for the Profit centers.
  • Password unlock
    If you are not able to remember the password anymore, our technicians can unlock the file for you deleting the password. Please send us your support request by email, with the file attached to it. Very soon you will receive an email with your unlocked file. Password unlock is a paid service
  • I get an error message. What now?
    By clicking on the symbol next to the error message (in the Info or Messages window) you will be directly connected to the online page explaining the error message and suggesting possible causes and solutions.


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