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In the Chart of accounts → Period section, you can limit the processing of data, display and print only to an indicated period or, in the case of a budget, it allows you to obtain forecasts over several years.

Enhanced balance sheet with groups, period


All accounting entries are included.

Period selected

It means the specified period, indicating the start and end date.

In order to get forecasts over several years, it is necessary to enter the end date of the future year of the budget required, in the File Properties, basic data (File menu). Enter the start and end date of the period in the Period section of the Enhanced balance sheet with groups as well.
To have budgets beyond the accounting period, in the Budget table, the movements must have a repetition code.
The forecast will be displayed in the Budget column.

Movements without date

If transactions without dates have been entered in the accounting, they are considered only if All is selected.
If, on the other hand, you enter, for example, from January 1st to December 31st, the transactions without date are not displayed in the report.



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