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The Documents  table allows you to include text documents, images (including logo) or scripts in the accounting file.

It can be added by the user in two different ways:

tabella Documenti

The Documents table has the following columns:

  • Id
    The document's name. Id it is free text but should be unique within the table.
    • Documents starting with "_" are used for particular features of the programme.
      • "_budget.js"
        You insert your own functions created for the Budget table.
    • The dlgmanageaddons Id is used to save the image used as a logo.
    • The attachment_ Id it is used for attachments in the enhanced balance sheet.
  • Description
    A brief description of the file (optional)
  • Attachments
    Contains the file. By clicking on the cell it is possible to view or modify the contents of the file.
    There are these types of possible content

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