Items columns in the Transactions table

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The Items columns in the Transactions table are used to enter quantity and price.
The amount of the transaction is calculated based on the value of the quantity and unit price column.

    Add the Items columns in the Transactions table

    The Items columns are added to the Transactions table from the Tools menu → Add new functionalities → Add Items Columns in Transaction table.

    The columns are the following:

    • ItemsId
      Item listed in Items table.
      By default, in the Transactions table, the ItemsId column will not be visible. With the Columns setup command, you can make the column visible so that you can use it.
    • Quantity
      May be a positive or negative value.
    • Unit
    • Unit/Price
      May be a positive or negative value.

    For more information please visit the Transactions table documentation.

    Add Transactions

    • When a quantity and a unit price are entered, the amount will be calculated automatically.
    • A negative amount may be entered to account for items leaving the warehouse.

    Items columns in Transactions table

    Link to the Items table

    If the is an Items table is displayed, when you enter a transaction with the Item and the quantity, the current quantity of the respective row in the Items table is updated.

    Refer to the Items table page.


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