Accounting Applications

Banana Accounting is a professional accounting software offering various applications, tailored for multiple uses and users with different training backgrounds.
The program runs on one single calculation engine, which is based on Double-Entry accounting. Therefore all applications share most of the double-entry functionalities.

  • Cash Manager. For management of a single accounting, with the possibility of classifying income and expenses by category. 
  • Income & Expense accounting. To manage comprehensive accounting with various balance sheets and categories, to which income and expenses are attributed.
    This is a simplified mode of use, that doesn't require knowing about Debit and Credit. There are however Balance Sheet and income statement reports..
  • Double-entry accounting. Full comprehensive accounting solution, according to the double-entry method. Operations are classified by indicating the Debit and Credit account. The financial statements are complete with Balance Sheet, Income statement, Journal and Account cards.
  • Multi-currency accounting. Multi-currency accounting. Double-entry accounting with the possibility of managing accounts in different currencies. 


Features available in all accounting files

The various accounting applications provide different functionalities - click on the links to learn more:

These can be activated or added as per your requirements.
The program is easily applied because, if a feature is not used, it is not activated..

  • Accounting setup:
    • It supports any currency. Symbols are chosen from list or freely set. 
    • Possibility to alter the number of decimals (generally 2), from 0 to 12 decimals to manage crypto-currencies.
    • Accounting period is set as a calendar or freely set (start and end date).
    • Choice of accounting language.
  • Files and data saving (similar to Excel), applicable to all Banana applications:
    • Create new file starting from preset templates or from own files.
    • The data for an accounting year are saved in one single file.
    • The file can be located on any media, computer, network, cloud or sent by email.
    • Possibility to manage unlimited number of accounting files, of any kind.
    • Data is accessible to multiple users simultaneously, but to only one person in edit mode.
  • Chart of Accounts:
    • Plan and structure of accounts are fully customizable.
    • Numeric or alpha-numeric account and group number.
    • Possibility to add notes or further columns.
    • Grouping and totals are adaptable and according to any nationally required grouping scheme.
    • Balance, account movement and totals are displayed and updated in real time.
    • Cost and profit centres, for detailed control of costs and revenues of specific activities or projects.
    • Segments for reporting by sector (branch), thanks to Segments.
    • Customer details with monitoring of pending invoices, reminders and statements.
    • Supplier statements with monitoring of paid and pending invoices.
    • Management of customers and suppliers, also as non-Balance Sheet accounts (with cost centre) for accounting managed with the cash method.
    • Off-Balance sheet accounts.
  • Transactions:
    • Single or collective transactions.
    • Accrual or cash method..
    • Use ofExcel type interface, select, copy and paste, add lines, search and replace..
    • Suggestions, autocomplete and memorization of repetitive operations for faster input.
    • Automatic or customized numbering of documents.
    • Ability to edit data entered, organize or add columns and any other information. 
    • Link to files of receipts in digital format (pdf, images) and opening of documents by a click.
    • Import of data from bank statements, with the possibility to complete or remove imported operations. 
    • Row colouring.
    • Possibility to have different displays of columns.
    • Contextual information concerning account balance, differences or errors.
  • Blockchain:
    • Protection of movements entered with digital data certification technology (similar to Bitcoin).
    • Compliance with legal requirements.
    • Transfer of data to auditor with the certainty of impossibility of tampering.
  • Standard and customized reports:
    • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Journal, Account cards.
    • Customization and saving of print settings.
    • Export and link data to Excel.
  • Charts:
    • Overview of account evolution.
    • Comparison of Budget and Final Accounts..
    • Real time display while entering.. 
  • VAT management. Any national specification supported:
    • VAT code table to indicate the different VAT rates and case studies. Any VAT transaction supported.
    • Automated VAT calculation, net or gross..
    • VAT control reports.
    • National extensions for VAT reporting based on the requirements of tax authorities.
  • Financial Planning. 
    • For existing companies or startups.
    • Inclusion of planning by means of transactions in budget.
    • Automatic assumption of repetitive expenses or income (rent, wages, bank charges, etc.).
    • Possibility to indicate item code, quantity and price.
    • Javascript calculation formulas to automate the dependent values (calculation of interest on the actual use of a loan).
    • The program automatically sets up financial plans, complete with liquidity planning, balance forecasts, balance sheet and provisional income statement and movements on an account.
    • Automatic financial projections for several years.
    • Choice of display per period or
    • Comparison between Budget and Finalized Balance Sheet.
  • Invoices to Customer:
    • Entering invoices as regular rows of transactions.
    • Column.
    • With or without VAT.
    • Possibility to modify or correct.
    • Print a single invoice with a click or several invoices simultaneously.
    • Choice of different print formats available and parametrizable.
    • Export in digital format through extensions.
    • Customizable reminders and statements.
  • Check Accounting:
    • Check accounting command. In one click, the accounting is recalculated as if all transactions were inserted again.
    • Any erroneous settings, differences or errors will be reported.
    • Each report is linked to a help page that explains the causes and provides the solution..
    • Possibility to correct.
  • Year-end closing and Creation of New Year:
    • Automatic process for creating new year files, with report of balances.
    • You may start working on the new year, even if you have not closed the previous one.
    • Command to report the final balances when the previous year has been closed.
    • Possibility to add and print year-end notes.
    • Command for archiving all data and printouts in pdf format.
  • Various:
    • Creating new files starting from an existing file.
    • Converting from one accounting type to another, in order to grow and add functionalities.
  • Multi-currency accounting:
    • Accounts as well as customers and suppliers in different currencies.
    • Recording with current, historical or freely set exchange rates.
    • Invoices in the client's account currency.
    • Balance sheet and Transaction entries in the account's base currency or in account currency.
    • Calculation of unrealized exchange gains and losses (exchange rate differences).


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