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Suppliers register and control of open invoices

Directly in the accounting file it is possible to:

  • Prepare the accounts of the suppliers, with their address and other supplier data.
  • Insert in the transactions:
    • Data relating to the invoices received (invoice number, supplier, amount, due date).
    • Data relating to supplier invoice payments and the receipt of credit notes.
  • Obtain payment tracking lists.

Set up and use supplier features

  1. Set up accounts for turnover accounting (accrual principle).
  2. Set up accounts for collection accounting (cash principle).
  3. Configure supplier settings (explanation as for customers).
  4. Set up the transactions table and post supplier invoices.
  5. Open, overdue or received supplier invoice reports.


  • In multi-currency accounting, the reports are based on the balances in the currency of the supplier's account, so any exchange rate differences are not taken into consideration.
  • In the Invoices received table, the exchange rate differences transactions are also listed, while in the other printouts only the supplier's currency amount is valid.
  • The Description column of the reports includes the first transaction row for each invoice.
  • For the accounting on the collected, it is possible to set up a suppliers register with cost centers.

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