• 19/10/2020

    We are glad to announce Banana Accounting Plus, the new version of our software, available in stores and on our website! As always, we have developed new features to better meet the needs of our users and offer a product always very accurate and with high quality.

  • 07/09/2020

    For an even more engaging experience, we have improved the graphics of the Banana Accounting interface and added great features. From now, using the latest version of Banana Experimental, you can have more immediacy of use and find what you need more easily!

  • 25/08/2020

    A good management of personal money is the basis for a lasting investment for own financial well-being, that's why it's important to acquire this expertise from a young age. In order to guide young people in this arduous undertaking, we provide Free tailor-made templates for them.

  • 17/07/2020

    We have produced a new tutorial video, with which you will immediately learn how to create a new double-entry bookkeeping. You'll see how simple it is and discover how to prepare a professional balance sheet and profit and loss account.

  • 30/06/2020

    On July 1st, the QR invoice will be introduced in Switzerland instead of the usual inpayment slips, and for this reason you should adapt your software if you want to process and print QR invoices. With the new Banana Experimental, among other new features, this is possible.

  • 12/06/2020

    Do you wish to take the most of the advantages of double-entry accounting, for instance to know how much your company has spent for specific purposes and to obtain the detailed Balance Sheet and Income statement that is to be presented to the tax authorities? With Banana Accounting you can learn the principle of this accounting method intuitively, by simply working with the program.

  • 04/06/2020

    Some time ago an interesting blog appeared on the well-known Dutch website with the title: does your accounting software offer a real liquidity planning?

    This is a very relevant topic, in times of Corona crisis, but also afterwards.

    Our version Banana 9, which contains numerous possibilities for budgeting and financial planning, turned out to score favorably with regard to the requirements for liquidity planning.

  • 27/05/2020

    The Banana Accounting Mobile version has been updated, is more aligned with the Desktop version and is optimized for tablet, to speed up data entry and facilitate modifications.

  • 27/04/2020

    In preparation for the arrival of the QR invoice on July 1st 2020, we give you the opportunity to try it out in advance: the Beta version of the new QR Swiss  invoice layout is now available.

  • 01/04/2020

    Banana Accounting provides a free Time sheet for applying for short-time work compensation.
    The hours worked, holidays, illnesses and even hours lost due to short-time work can be recorded for each employee.

    You quickly get a report with all the data required by the unemployment office in order to receive the compensation.
    See step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

  • 17/03/2020

    Unfortunately, small businesses will suffer greatly from the negative economic consequences caused by the Coronavirus, as they will have to limit their activity for a period of time. SA,  always helping enterprising people, has decided to provide Free support for everyone during the health emergency, even for those still working with older versions, but asks that you first take advantage of our Online documentation, thanks to which you will surely find an answer to your questions.

  • 12/03/2020

    As you may have heard from the media, the authorities have tightened the measures against the Coronavirus. Fortunately we have the possibility to work from home to ensure the continuity of the company and to help you in case of need.

    By the way, let us briefly summarize how to proceed:
    If you have specific questions, please use the contact form.

  • 12/03/2020

    Would you like to know how to create a family budget with Banana Accounting and save a lot of money? Do you need to learn financial planning or do you want to understand how to use the Banana Time sheet? We provide many video tutorials to show Banana beginners and experts how to manage their accounts in the best way.

  • 15/01/2020

    With Perfect Books & Having Everything Under Control
    Endows Banana Accounting Amongst the Top Accounting Software at GoodFirms

  • 31/12/2019

    We recommend that you visit the End of the Year closure and New Year page, which reminds you how to proceed with year-end operations. You will also find how to start recording immediately in the new year, even if the previous year's accounts have not yet been closed. 

  • 07/11/2019

    "Banana accounting software just like the fruit banana, low price but with lots of benefits! Looking to the future, I sincerely wish this high-quality universal Swiss product will be used in every corner of the world.-Feng Yong, Dubai, 2019"

  • 19/06/2019

    Did you know that Banana Accounting 9 offers a practical, always at hand, integrated calculator?
    Just enter your calculation in any non protected cell containing values, such as the Opening balances column in the Accounts table or the Amount column in the Transactions table.

  • 14/05/2019

    Free Banana 9 Time Sheet, tailor made to record your flexible working hours!
    All companies must record employes' working hours. On May 14 2019, the European court of justice decreed that "Member States should require employers to establish an objective, reliable and accessible system for measuring the daily working time of each worker." Find more in the, Frankfurter Allgemeine (DE) and Il Sole 24Ore (IT).

  • 06/05/2019

    The new 9.0.4 update of Banana accounting 9 software (Download), delivers some new aspects, also interesting for new users: Starter Edition is now a Free Version, inclusive of free and unrestricted access to the use of the Cash Book (without VAT) and Timesheet applications. For all other applications, 70 lines of recordings can be saved, without purchasing a valid license key.

  • 12/04/2019

    Update 9.0.4 of Banana Accounting 9 has just been released (refer to our Download page). The update is free for those who have already purchased a version 9.
    We strongly recommend you to update to this new release, as it delivers some improvements and new functionalities compared to the previous version.

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