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Banana.ch SA (PLC) has been developing and marketing Banana Accounting financial accounting software for SMEs, institutions or individuals, for almost 30 years.
With more than 300,000 licenses sold in over 180 countries, it is among the market leaders in Switzerland.

Do you have the entrepreneur spirit? We'll help you build your success

Our philosophy has always focused on the goals of our customers.

  • 360 degree success in your work and personal life, we aim to help you optimize your time and resources.
  • Enterprising spirit towards achieving your goals, even your most ambitious ones.
  • Listening to your needs, we will help you along the road to success.

How do we put this philosophy to practice?

  • Just like you, we are an enterprising company, and we always set ourselves new and ambitious goals.
  • The work-family dimension is important to us and should be respected, that's why we work every day with passion on management and optimization tools.
  • As a prosperous company, we are able to focus our attention on the human side as well as on the technical and financial aspects. We aim to build a relationship of trust with our customers, to get to know them better, to support them and their priorities. 


  • We create tools that allow you to take better care of the financial aspects of your activity, and to have a clear vision of your past, your present (accounting tools) and your future situation (financial planning).
  • An extensive online documentation guarantees a clear and precise answer to any question you might have. All these reasons will, we trust, convince you that Banana is the software for your needs.
  • Are you ready to change software? You will be able to migrate data without any obstacles nor limitations. 

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