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For more than 30 years, we have been developing and offering Banana Accounting, the accounting software for small businesses, associations and self-employed people. Banana Accounting has sold more than 400,000 licences worldwide, and is one of the market leaders in Switzerland.

Professional accounting made simple 

Since 1989, our mission has not changed: with Banana Accounting we support  and empower enterprising people to succeed, thanks to the software's key features:

  • The user-friendliness that brings an easy access to the accounting management for everyone.
  • The ease of learning accounting principles for those with no accounting education, thanks to clear explanations on each functionality.
  • Professional results with perfect reports.

Year after year, we have constantly improved and expanded the functionalities according to the users' needs, while maintaining a supportive and collaborative relationship with them.

The name Banana

In 1989, when the software was ready to be launched, company founder Domenico Zucchetti was only missing one last detail: a name. In the room where Domenico used to do his programming, there were bananas boxes used for the move. The name was Banana therefore born by chance, but over the months and years, the fruit-software combination proved to be very appropriate:

A banana is a very nutritious fruit, easy to eat, and very cheap.
Banana Accounting is a professional, easy-to-use and affordable software.

Furthermore, the unique Banana Accounting name  is also intended to distance the idea of accounting from a complicated and tedious activity.  Banana, since its early years, has been characterised by:

  • Being able to bring people closer to accounting, the pillar of every business. Acquiring this competence allows people to reach their goals, be better prepared to face difficult times and avoid excessive debt. 
  • Simplify and speed up all accounting operations.  The software organises data entry, verifies it and takes care of all calculations, printouts and other operations. Everyone can thus devote more time to their business.

Banana Accounting may arouse curiosity due to its unusual name, but at the same time it is becoming more and more well-known and popular because it simplifies accounting management for both experts and beginners.

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