Print invoices

Print invoices dialog window

By confirming with OK, you will see the preview of the invoice.

Print tab

Invoice numbers

In order to print single invoices, indicate

  • The number of the invoice for a single print;
  • The numbers between commas "1,3,6" for multiple prints.
  • The numbers separated by hyphen "1-3" to print a range.
    If the invoice itself contains a '-', for example if you have an invoice number '2016-1', this must be enclosed in brackets {}, to distinguish the numbering of a range of documents {2016-1}-{2016-3}.

Invoices from

This option allows you to print all invoices included in the selected period. You need to enter an initial and final date.

Unprinted invoices

Invoices where the 'Printed' column of the Transactions table is empty are printed. All unprinted invoices are therefore printed.


The styles allow you to change the invoice layout. Templates with logos, with quantity column or with ISR slip are available.

Other templates

This button takes you to the Manage Apps dialog window, where you update your templates to the most recent version or to add your own.


You can setup specific parameters for the selected style, refer to explanations in the Templates page for further information.
The main options are: Include page header (yes/no), Print ISR (yes/no), select colors, depending on the selected style.

Update the 'Printed' column after printing

You can make this column visible by using the Data menu -> Columns setup command.

The program will update the content of this column after the print preview, adding the text '1'. This will allow the Select unprinted invoices command to only print the invoices with no content in this column.


Templates Options tab

In this tab it is possible to add free texts, such as for example your bank details.
Select the Print invoices command from the Account2 menu -> Customers.
In the Templates Options tab enter the desired text and then press OK. You will see the print preview.

You also choose in which language to print the invoice. For more information please visit the Creating invoices page.


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