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The free license for schools and teachers:

  • Is granted free of charge to institutions offering regular training in the  accounting, financial or economical field.
  • Allows you to install the program on all school computers
  • It also allows the use by teachers who conduct courses at the school
  • To obtain the school license, fill out the specific request form (see hereunder "How to obtain the license").

How to obtain the free license for schools and teachers:

  • Complete the online license request form
    The email should contain the domain name of the school. If the request is sent from another email, we will ask for further information later on.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email that you should print, sign and stamp with the school seal (mandatory) and send back to us by email (scanned form attached).
  • If the request is accepted by SA, the school will receive a confirmation email with the license key.
  • Download the software from our download page
  • Install Banana Accounting on the school computers, entering the school license key.

Specific conditions for the use of the license for schools and teachers:

  • The school must offer accounting courses or accounting management on a regular basis.
    The license for schools will not be offered to institutes that do not offer accounting courses or financial training.
  • The request of the free license for schools must be carried out by a person or entity authorized to represent the school.
  • The multi-license for schools is an extension of the Single User license. The user license for schools implies the acceptance of the user license for the program.
  • The free license for schools requires the software Banana Accounting for Windows and/or Mac
  • For the license for schools the approval of SA must be obtained in advance.
  • The school must be organized so as to comply consistently with all standards and prevent the unauthorized duplication of software.
  • At the request of, the school must provide all the information about the school and the installation and use of the program.
  • The schools must agree to allow to make public use of the name of the school, its logo and the information about the use of the program, as a reference for other interested parties.
  • The school confirms that the email address is a valid address to send any communication to the school. Any communication is considered as effective when sent to the email address specified in the request. It is the responsibility of the school to inform about a possible change of email address.
  • By requesting the free license for schools, the school or the authorized entity declares to have read and accepted the license conditions for the free license for schools.
  • reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to accept or deny the license request without any explanation.
  • reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to revoke the license for schools, at any given time and without explanation, completely or partially, as well as to modify its conditions of use and the license conditions.

Authorizations Multi-license for schools

The free multi-license for schools:

  • Authorizes the school to install the program, object of the license, on all computers installed at the premises of the school and used for educational or administrative purposes.
  • Authorizes the teachers (permanent and recognized) to install the program on their own computer if it is used for teaching/educational purposes related to the teaching of accounting.

The use of the program for commercial purposes and its installation on computers not intended for educational or teaching purposes is prohibited.

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