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Update now to Banana Accounting Plus (or version 10)! It is a subscription-based version, always up-to-date, available in two plans, Professional and Advanced. It offers several new features and improvements, while retaining the ease of use and its traditional familiarity.

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The Advanced plan, an extra gear!

The most comprehensive plan in Banana Accounting Plus, offering the new Swiss VAT Return 2024, exclusive automation features and dedicated extensions drastically reduce your working time!

Explore all the Advanced plan features

New 2024 Swiss VAT rates - On 01.01.2024 the VAT in Switzerland has changed. To allow all our users to smoothly transition, the new Banana extension for the Swiss VAT Statement 2024 is available for all Banana Plus users until June 30, 2024. Starting from July 1st 2024, the Advanced plan will be necessary. 

Like to keep it simple? Choose the Professional plan

Don't handle Swiss VAT? Do you have more time on your hands? The Banana Accounting Plus Professional plan delivers professional results using standard features.

Users from SwitzerlandPurchase the Professional plan for only 69.- CHF/year

International users Purchase the Professional plan for only 60.- EUR/year + taxes

Smooth transition

Banana Accounting Plus is similar and totally compatible with the previous versions. You don't have to wait the year-end, but can install the new version at anytime. Switching to Banana Accounting Plus is very simple: open the program and you will find your Recent and Favorite files on the new Start page.

Try it now with no obligation for 1 month!

Try Banana Accounting Plus for one month, free of charge.

  1. Download, install and launch Banana Accounting Plus.
  2. Enter your email, the one you used to purchase your old version or the one you registered* with. Your free month starts right away.
  3. Open your accounting files and keep working as usual with the new version, for 1 month

Purchase the annual subscription with no worries at any moment; the days of the free month not yet used are automatically added to the 12 months.
You can also purchase the subscription now and get one month for free.

Frequently asked questions

Why switch to the annual subscription?

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that it is the only way to keep quality software up-to-date by adapting to changes in a short time. But the subscription also has several advantages for you: you always have the latest version, you are in step with the latest developments, each new feature is introduced and explained individually, you don't have to waste time on new installations, lost license keys, etc. The previous versions of Banana Accounting will no longer be updated. More information...

What is the difference between Banana Accounting Plus and Banana Accounting 9?

Banana Accounting 9 is an older, stand-alone version that is still available for purchase for a limited time. The last release dates back to December 2019 and will not be further developed. Banana Accounting Plus, already in the Professional plan, offers all the updated features of Banana Accounting 9 (with the exclusion of the Budget and the Rename function), plus it has new and continuous developments, all included in the annual subscription. The Advanced plan integrates several functions that speed up and automate work.

Can I install Banana Accounting+ on more than one computer?

Yes. With the same subscription (same user email), it is possible to install Banana Accounting Plus on 5 devices used by the same user (desktop computer, laptop, cell phone,...). For companies please visit the Multi-users page. Users license applies.

If I subscribe to one of the paid plans, can I quit when I want?

Both the subscription and the payment are annual. By logging into your user account you will always see the status of your subscription, its expiry date, the email it is associated with and other information. You can also disable the auto-renewal default setting. More info...

Does Banana Accounting 9 still work?

  • Yes, Banana Accounting 9, or any other previous version, remains installed on your computer, until you decide to uninstall it.
  • Previous versions including version 9 will not be developed further.
  • For version 9, the latest release is 9.0.5, launched in December 2019. You can check which release you have from the Help menu > About Banana Accounting.

Does it work on all operating systems?

Banana Accounting+ can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. The program is also available free of charge for Android and IOS.

*Why wasn't I given the free month?

The free month is credited automatically if you purchased your old version from 2018 onwards and if your email has remained the same. For old versions purchased before 2018 you need to contact us.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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