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Customers' register and checking of open invoices

Directly in the accounting you can:

  • Prepare customers' accounts, with the related addresses and other customers' data.
  • Add to the transactions:
    • the data related to the issued invoices (invoice number, customer, amount, due date).
    • the data related to the payment for the invoices and the issuing of credit notes, if any.
  • Retrieve the list of your Payments schedule

Other features available:

Setting up and using the customers and invoices features

  1. Setting up accounting on actual bills issued (accrual principal) or setting up accounting on a collected cash basis.
  2. Setting up Customers settings.
  3. Setting up the Transactions table and entering the invoices.
  4. Reports for open, overdue and issued invoices.
  5. Generating invoices.


  • Multi-currency accounts: reports are based on the customer's account currency balances; possible exchange rate differences will not be taken into account.
    In the Issued invoices table, the recordings of exchange rate differences are also listed, whereas only the customer's currency amount is used in other printouts.
  • The Description column will replicate the first transaction row for each invoice.
  • For the accounting files based on cash received, you can setup a customers register with the Cost Centers.

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