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Displaying invoices issued to customers

Reports menu → Customers → Invoices issued to customers...

invoice issued report

This dialog box is identical for both Customers and Suppliers functionalities.
The following explains the functions related to customers, but they also apply to suppliers.

All customers

Displays the account statement of all customers belonging to the group, as defined in the Customers and Suppliers settings.

Select a single customer

Displays the account statement for the customer selected belonging to the group defined in the Customers and Suppliers settings.

Displaying open invoices

Command: Reports → Customers → Open invoices by customer

 Invoices showing an open balance are being listed in this table.

For multi-currency accounting, if there are unposted exchange rate differences for a particular customer, an 'Adjustment exchange rate differences' line will be displayed that balances the balance in the open invoice list with the balance on the account card.

open invoices by customer

Displaying overdue invoices

Command: Reports → Customers → Open invoices by due date

In this table, invoices showing an open balance are being listed, filtered by due date.

customer invoices by due date

The due date of an invoice can be set in different ways. More information can be found on the following page: Due dates and payment terms.

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