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There are two ways to close open invoices:

  1. Manually register the collection of customer's invoice
  2. Automatically register by importing the data in the bank statement in ISO 20022 format.

 Closure with manual recording

To manually record the receipts of the invoices, see the following pages

 Closing with ISO 20022 data import (Switzerland)

To automatically close open invoices by importing statement data, you must:

With the import, the program automatically creates records in the Transactions table and enters the data in the corresponding columns:

  • In the Date column, the date of the invoice collection.
  • In the Invoice column, the invoice number extracted from the QR reference number (see parameters).
  • In the Description column, the QR reference number.
  • In the A/C Credit column, the customer account extracted from the QR reference number (see parameters);
  • The extracted customer account will be saved as an account/category or cost center based on the parameters.
  • In the Amount column, the invoice amount.
  • In the A/C Debit column, the counterpart account (the bank account where the amount has been collected) if this has been enabled during the import.

For more information, see the Camt ISO 20022 (Switzerland) Bank Statement page.

QR References

The codes of the QR references are explained on the following pages:

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