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With Integrated invoicing, when you create an invoice, it is automatically recorded in the accounting system and the customer's account. It is possible to print an invoice with the wording "Delivery Note" containing the same invoice data, using layouts CH10 and UNI11.

However, it is not possible to create a standalone record for the delivery note without any accounting impact, one that doesn't debit the customer's account or credit other accounts.

Mandatory requirements to use the layout preferences:

How to print a delivery note

In the Transactions table select the row where the delivery note to be printed is located and proceed as follows:

  • Menu Report > Customers > Print invoices
  • Select Layout CH10 or UNI11
  • Under Print as, select:
    • Delivery note with amounts
      In this case, amounts in details and total amount are included in the delivery note.
    • Delivery note without amounts
      Only the details of the dispatched goods are displayed in the delivery note, without any amounts.
  • Conferm with OK.

Delivery address

When printing the delivery note with an address other than the billing address, the delivery address must be entered in the Transactions table, using the Type column.

In this case, the delivery note will print the address entered in the Transactions table and not that of the respective customer, which is instead found in the Accounts table, Address view.

Printing customization

All settings that characterise Layout CH10 and UNI11 are also retained when printing the delivery note.

To change the settings, go to Print Layout Settings.

Under Texts > Delivery Note you can define the initial and final texts in the delivery note.

Print example:
delivery note preview example

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