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This window is displayed when you want to export to PDF, Html and Excel from the print preview.

For example, to export PDF files of invoices:


File / Folder Name

Enter the name of the new file to create or choose an existing one using the Browse button. If the Separated Files option is active, enter the name of the folder in which the files are to be saved.

Saving Options

The save options are only available when exporting to pdf.

The save options are available with Banana Accounting+ Dev Channel and require the Advanced plan.

Include attachments (PDF only) 

Saves attachments within the pdf file. Attachments are local files that have been inserted in the Link column

  • In the created PDF file, a symbol will be inserted at the attachments. By clicking on the symbol, the attachment will be opened and displayed.
  • The ability to open the attached files is only available in PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Fox it and others, if the file is opened in a browser it may not be possible to open the attachments.
  • This option is only visible if the document(s) contain Links.
Separate files (PDF only)

Save the printout in separate PDF files. if several invoices or customer statements are printed.

  • You may indicate the name of the file to be used.
  • You can use variables that take information about individual documents, such as <number> for the document number, or <name> for the default file name.
    • The full list of variables can be accessed by clicking on the {xy} symbol.
    • In the line below you will see a preview of the full file name that the programme generates.
  • When saving, the programme will ask the user for confirmation if a file with the same name already exists in the indicated folder.
  • This option is only visible if the printout consists of several documents.

Display file immediately

As soon as the file has been created, the software to view it will be launched. In this way, the result of the export can be seen immediately.



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