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    [UNI11] Layout 11 Programmable Invoice (Banana+)


    Highly customizable and programmable invoice layout to create custom prints.

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    Layout to print the invoice of Banana Accounting highly customizable and also programmable.
    You can easily adapt the invoice to your desires, decide which elements to print and change texts.


    To use this extension you need to download and install Banana Accounting Plus.

    Customization printing invoices

    The invoice print layout is already set. If you wish, however, you can customize. You can easily adapt the printing of the invoice to your requirements, decide which elements to print, change the description of the texts.

    • Custimization via the settings dialog
      • Choose the elements of the invoice you want to include in the printout.
      • Print the address on the right or left.
      • Indicate which detail columns to include and define the sequence. You can have an invoice with quantities and prices, or only total amounts or even with columns that you have added in the transactions table.
      • Change the default texts for use in printing.
      • Add translations into other languages.
      • Change the font and print character.
      • Choose the colour combination you want.
    • Customization using Javascript programming.
      • Create print functions that replace the default ones, for printing the header, addresses, details, final texts and footers.
    • Customization using CSS.
      • You can adapt the printing by creating custom styles so that you can change the appearance of the invoice (text formatting, positioning of elements, etc.).
    • Personalization by creating your own custom Layout.
      • Requires programming in Javascript.
      • You can use the existing layout and modify it at will.


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