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Credit notes have their own TypeDoc, different from invoices.

  • Enter your transaction, as if it was an invoice.
  • In the Invoice column, you must indicate the invoice number to which the credit note refers. 
    The accounts will follow the logic of recording a credit note. As a result, the amount of the document will be negative.
  • Enter '12:' in the Type column.
  • Enter in the Description column the text that will appear in the Credit Note details.
    In some print layouts of Banana 9, the wording Invoice will however always be printed; to change, proceed as follows:  
    • Enter a new row with identical invoice number and  12:tit in the Type column.
    • Insert Credit Note in the Description column.

Printing the credit note

The same command is used as the one for printing invoices: Reports → Clients → Print invoices.

printing the credit note


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