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    SmallInvoice - Import data .csv


    This extension allows you to quickly import all your data from SmallInvoice. Start by exporting your files in . csv format, then import all your information into Banana Accounting Plus. Use the Estimates and Invoices application to open the old invoices you have imported and create new ones, update your contacts, modify your products and services whenever you need to.

    You can import:

    •     The list of your Contacts
    •     The list of your Products
    •     The list of your Services 
    •     The list of your Invoices

    Follow the steps below, most of the process only needs to be done at the beginning, after which you only need to start the extension each time you want to import a file.

    Export data from SmallInvoice

    • Log in to SmallInvoice.
    • Proceed with the export, repeating the operation for Contacts, Products, and Services.
    • Go to the specific section, for example Contacts (Customer or Creditor)
    • Click on Export
    • Tick all the columns you use (it is better to tick all the columns).
    • Choose the CSV format.
    • Save the file on your computer. As soon as you have saved the file or received it by email, rename the file with the content type, e.g. "contacts.csv", "products.csv", "services.csv".

    Export your invoices

    •     In SmallInvoice go to the "Invoices" section.
    •     Click on Export.
    •     As export type select "Detail (a row/item)".
    •     Under "Status" check the box "All".
    •     Tick all the columns you use (best to tick all).
    •     Choose the CSV format.
    •     Save the file on your computer by renaming it for example "invoices.csv".

    Import your existing data

    • Create a new file of type Estimates and Invoices or use an existing one.
    • In the menu select Extensions->Manage Extensions
    • Search for the name of the extension among the online ones and click on Install
    • Start the extension from the menu Extensions > SmallInvoice - Import data .csv and select your .csv file.
    • Check the changes proposed and press OK, at this point the import of your data in banana is successful.

    Repeat the last two points of the list for each .csv file you want to import. Import Contacts before Invoices, the program automatically takes over the data of your contacts when you import invoices, if the invoices show a contact that does not exist in the "Contacts" table, the program may give you an error.

    For importing, we recommend the use of the new Banana Plus Dev Channel version.


    • Contact id not found in contact table. Did you import the contacts? It is important to import the contacts first and then the invoices, the program automatically takes the customer data from the Contacts table when you import your invoices, if the Contact id is not found within the Contacts table, the program will give an error.
    • The calculated amount is different from the amount in your file, invoice nr xxx. The amount in your CSV file is different from the amount calculated by the program, this is probably due to a rounding problem, with the new version of the Estimates and Invoices application this problem will be resolved.
    • You are trying to import a 'Single line' invoice, import a 'Detailed' invoice instead. You tried to import an invoice with an invalid format. When exporting invoices from SmallInvoice make sure you select the Detailed export type.
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