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The command is activated from via Tools > Convert to new file.

In the dialog box that appears, the file type you are working on is selected.
A list of possible choices is also listed:

converti in nuovo file

This command converts an existing file (which will not be modified) into another one with different characteristics:

  • Change language
  • Change the rounding
  • Change the file type. For example:
    • Pass from an accounting without VAT to one with VAT
    • Pass from a Double-entry accounting to a Multi-currency accounting

This is similar to creating a new blank file and then transfer the data manually .

The existing file characteristics can be consulted by executing the Tools > File Info command

Creation and data transfer

The Tools  → Convert to new file command:

  1. Creates a new file of the specified type with the predefined columns setup
  2. Transfers the data into the new file, proceeding with the necessary conversions
  3. Saves and indicates the name of the new file.

When converting a file with more options into one with fewer options, part of the data will be lost during conversion. If, for example, an accounting file with VAT/Sales tax is converted into an accounting file without VAT/Sales tax, all data in the VAT columns will be lost during conversion.

Conversion from a Double-entry accounting to a Multi-currency accounting file

  • The currency symbol that is to become the basic currency must be specified in File and accounting properties
  • Choose the Multi-currency accounting as destination
  • The program creates a Multi-currency accounting, recovering the existing data:
    • The Transactions table includes the columns for managing the Multi-currency accounting, as the base currency and a 1.0000 exchange rate
    • The existing accounts in the Accounts table are being completed with the base currency symbol
    • The Exchange rate table will be empty; it is therefore necessary to add the currencies and exchange rates used in the transactions
    • In the Accounts table, the accounts in foreign currency have to be added.

In order to change the currency of an accounting file, refer to the File Properties of the File and accounting properties.

Conversion from an accounting without VAT to one with VAT

  • Choose the desired type of accounting with VAT as the destination 
  • The program creates an accounting with the VAT columns, recovering the existing data:

Outline to create new file 

For further details refer to:

parametri creazione nuovo file

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