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Need support? We're here to help!
Follow the 3 suggested steps to resolve your support request in a timely and effective manner.

1. Update to the latest version

The first thing to do is to check which version you have:

  • Do you already have a version of Banana Accounting Plus? From the Help menu → Check for updates, see if you already have the latest release, if not, download it for free. Open your file and check if the problem still exists.
  • Do you have an old version of Banana Accounting? Download and install Banana Accounting Plus for free, which will operate according to the Free plan. Open your file and check if the problem still exists. Many things have been improved! If the situation is resolved, update to the latest version by purchasing one of the paid plans.

2. Search the documentation

Did the previous step not solve your problem? Check out our documentation:

3. Technical support

Before contacting technical support make sure you have completed the previous two steps. Our technical support service is available free of charge:

  • for all registered users, for installation or bugs related issues
  • for registered users who have subscribed to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus
  • for registered users of Banana Accounting 9 for 12 months from the purchase date

Go to the contact form

Banana Accounting Plus users are automatically registered when activating the software; the others must register their product manually.

The support service only provides technical information related to the use of the software:

  • It does NOT include any kind of accounting and fiscal advice or information.
  • It CANNOT provide support for Banana Accounting 8, 7 and previous versions: we strongly recommend updating to our latest version.

We also offer paid support for users who would like technical support in addition to that included free of charge, or for special issues such as setting up, changing or correcting the chart of accounts, deleting passwords or other complex tasks. Please see our price list or ask us for a quote. It is often more convenient to upgrade to the Advanced plan than to ask for paid support.

We are available during the opening days from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Special situations

The program is optimized for different operating systems and configurations.
In very rare cases, problems may occur when starting or using the application, please see the troubleshooting page.

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