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The Banana Accounting Plus subscription is for personal use only. Each user must register with their email and then has the possibility to install and use the program on up to 5 personal devices. If this is your case, please visit the Subscription page.
Companies with multiple people using Banana Accounting Plus, must purchase a multi-user subscription.

Benefits of the multi-user subscription

  • Manage all your employees using Banana Plus from a single user account
  • Access the user account by entering a main (administrative) email
  • Receive a single invoice for all users on the administrative email
  • Independently manage the secondary emails (of those using the software)
  • Add new users at any time

From your Banana Plus user account you always see your subscription status, expiry date, invoices issued, and much more.

Multi-user purchase from Switzerland or Liechtenstein

From April 2022, our new Swiss shop allows customers to choose the number of subscription they want to purchase.
For example, if a company has 5 employees in need to work with Banana Plus, on the shop page the company's administrator needs to purchase 5 subscriptions.

As a first step to any purchase from our Swiss shop, you need to enter your email. This will be the main email used for administration purposes (purchases, renewals). It can also be one of the emails that use the software.

Enter your email

Now you can see the purchase page. Enter the number of subscriptions you want to purchase.

Multi-user purchase

After the purchase you will receive a confirmation email asking you to login into your user account and define the 5 emails that will be connected to the 5 subscriptions. You can access anytime your user account trough the link:

In your user account, go to the Users section

Manage users

Press on the Manage button to be able to enter the emails of your 5 employees using the purchased subscriptions. You can also add new users at anytime with the Buy more button.

Manage users

Each employee/associate will have then to:

The administrator can edit and update the employees/associate emails at anytime. It is however possible to remove users only for the end of the subscription period.

Remove users at next renewal
By clicking on this link you are taken to a dialog window where you can define the number of users you want to renew.
Warning: if you reduce the users for the next renewal, the program will by default remove the last users from bottom of the list.
In the example in the image above, if from 5 users and you indicate that from the next renewal there will be only 3 more, the program will delete the emails from and the one from  If necessary, then change the order of the emails so that the program deletes the right ones.

If the administrator is not a user

Unless otherwise indicated, the administrator's email is also automatically entered as the first user. If the administrator is not a user, simply remove him/her from this list. It is always possible to see the administrator's email from the Dashboard, and it can be changed from the Change email address section in the left-hand menu.

International multi-user purchase

Go to the International purchase page and choose the type and the number of the desired subscriptions.

After the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with the attached invoice which will indicate a Product Key for each subscription purchased. For example, if a company has purchased 5 subscriptions for its employees, 5 Product Keys will be shown in the invoice.

Each employee/associate will have then to:

Warning! You must use a different email address for each Product Key. For example, if the same email were to be used for two Product Keys, the program would add the two subscriptions (it would therefore become only 1 subscription, usable by one user, valid for 2 years)

Feel free to send an email to our customer service if you need assistance.




What do I do if I have already used the same email for two Product Keys?

Contact our support team directly, describing the problem and possibly indicating the order number with which you purchased your Product Keys.

In which cases may I need a multiple purchase?

If you have a company where several users have to work on Banana Accounting Plus, you need a subscription for each user. Each user must have a personal login email to Banana Accounting Plus. Each user can install Banana Accounting on a maximum of 5 devices used by him (desktop, laptop, mobile phones, etc.)

What does the installation of  Banana Accounting Plus on 5 devices imply ?

Each user can install Banana Accounting Plus on up to 5 of the devices he personally uses, always activating the program with his registered user email. You can then, for example, install it on your desktop computer (at home or at work), on your laptop, on mobile phones, etc. This also means that if the accounting files (.ac2 format) are saved on some Cloud device, such as ICloud or Dropbox, the user can access and work on them from all his devices.
The conditions of use always remain valid.

Can I Install Banana Accounting+ on a Server running Terminal Service or in a Windows Domain?

Banana Accounting+ can be installed on computers registered in a Windows domain with Active Directory and Roaming User Profiles and on computers that offer a Terminal Service. Each user must proceed with the activation as described above, the data regarding the activation are saved in the user's profile.

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