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The Cash Manager is an application of Banana accounting, completely free of charge. It is so easy that anyone can use it, from children to adults, without any accounting knowledge and it allows you to immediately know your income and expenses and your cash availability.

It has a tabular structure, similar to Excel.

It is ideal for cash management in different areas:

  • Family - to plan the budget and get expenses and income under control.
  • Young people - for those who are starting to manage their first expenses and learn to be aware of their savings.
  • Students - for those who want to have their available funds under control and keep track of expenses for studies or university.
  • Associations - to plan their budget and manage cash receipts and expenditures.
  • Businesses - to quickly record all receipts and have every detail of the expenses and income of the cash account. With the scan of each receipt you can attach the documentation in pdf directly in the cash file.
  • Projects - for the management of expenses and costs related to a project.

Discover all the features of the Cash manager at the following link:

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