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The Cash Manager application (formerly Cash Book) is a Banana Accounting application, entirely available for free.

It is ideal for:

  • The keeping of the cash account or any other single account.
  • Home accounting.
  • Create a budget with spending forecasts and the evolution of liquidity for one or more years.
  • Keep a separate file for the cash register and periodically import it into the general accounting file.

It is easy to use:

  • Insert and edit movements, for as long as everything is not correct.
  • You assign a category to each income and expense and you automatically have the total per group.
  • You get overall reports, see how much you spent and what you have left.
  • All vouchers ordered to be sent to your accountant.

The characteristics are similar to the Incoming and Outgoing accounting. For further information, please refer to the Characteristics page of the Income and Expense Accounting.

Instant information

After the income and expense are entered, he account balances will be displayed instantly in the Accounts and Categories tables.
After each single recording, the balances are automatically updated and there is no need to call up reports to keep the situation under control, but simply use the Accounts table and Categories tabs.

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