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Before preparing documentation to be sent to the auditor, we recommend that you review the information suggested on the Year end closure page. In addition to the information on how to use the program features, there are a number of checks and verifications that should be performed prior to closing.

Firms that are required to be audited must send a number of documents and files to the auditor.
From year to year it is easy to forget what needs to be sent to the auditor. It is therefore advisable to prepare a checklist, which includes all of the documents requested by the auditor in previous years, as well as the closing and adjusting operations to be carried out.

In order to facilitate this task, already during the year, some simple operations can be provided for, which facilitate the work of both those who keep the accounts and those who have to do the audit. We recommend the following:

The digital documents, such as invoices and slips, can become an integral part of the accounting file. Banana Accounting allows you to insert the scanned document on the row of the contextual record. The auditor, by clicking on the link of the digital document, opens the document and can see its contents without wasting time looking for the information on paper.

PDF printouts to send to the auditor

Below is a reminder of a number of key documents to send to the auditor.

Declarations for employees

  • Declaration of OASI salaries sent on 31.12
  • Declaration for advanced family allowances (already included in the OASI Salary Declaration).
  • Employee salary journal
  • Employee salary account cards
  • Salary certificate
  • UVG Declaration (= Accident insurance) sent on 31.12
  • Supplementary UVG  Declaration (= Accident insurance) sent on 31.12
  • Declaration for Income Compensations (such as sickness) sent on 31.12

Bank/postal account statements

  • Final bank and postal account statements as at 31.12
  • Bank statements as at 31.12 for any withholding tax
  • Loan accounts statements as at 31.12

VAT/Sales Tax declarations

  • VAT/Sales Tax statements of each quarter
  • VAT/Sales Tax declarations of each quarter
  • VAT testing (required at the end of the year)
  • If necessary, copy of the VAT/Sales tax difference reporting form (if differences arise between the booked and reported VAT/Sales Tax during testing)

Staff management

  • UVG (= Accident insurance)
  • Supplementary UVG (= Accident insurance)
  • Income Compensations (such as sickness)
  • Pension Fund BVG
  • Source Tax

Official documents

  • Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Assembly previous year
  • Extraordinary General Meeting Minutes
  • Notification of taxation previous year
  • Copy of withholding tax payment order and Form 103 submitted to the FTA for any dividends paid
  • Copy of building insurance policy
  • Detail of warehouse + assessment of warehouse as at 31.12
  • Accruals and deferrals details
  • Details of fixed assets and depreciation (tables, cards, ....)
  • Tax calculation
  • Copies of leasing and rental agreements
  • Copies of new loan agreements
  • Calculation of the expense for other long-term and short-term provisions
  • Annual report of the year under review
  • Appendix (with explanations) to the balance sheet and income statement

Data export

Accounting regulations require that the accounting data be made available to auditors and inspectors in digital format.
Banana Accounting complies with these regulations because:

  • The auditor can use the free plan of Banana Accounting to open the accounting file.
  • All accounting data is easily visible in the table.
  • The data can be copied and pasted directly into other programs.
  • It is possible to export the data in different formats directly from the table.
  • The Create pdf file command exports all the accounting data in an ideal format for reading.

Extensions for data presentation and export

There are several extensions for presenting data export in specific formats.

Other useful information

Below are links where you can find other useful information for optimal accounting and document management:

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