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Banana Accounting Plus offers several ways to create and manage your invoices. The Estimates and Invoices application allows you to quickly create and print estimates and invoices. Ideal for replacing Excel when preparing invoices, switching to a professional tool at no extra cost.

This is especially useful for those who have VAT on their receipts and especially the balance rate, because they can issue invoices with the current VAT, while in the accounting file they can register with the rate granted by the FTA.

The Estimates and Invoices application is independent from accounting and does not allow the import of data into the accounting file.

As an alternative to this application, you can use the Integrated Invoicing, which allows you to have the invoice data directly in the accounting file, avoiding the need to register the issued invoices.

Estimates and Invoices in a glance

  • Create and print estimates/invoices
  • Create invoices also with QR code for Switzerland
  • Edit and/or duplicate invoices and offers
  • View open invoices
  • Archive invoices

To use the application, you will need to download and install Banana Accounting Plus, and when creating a new file, choose one of the Estimates and Invoices types.

application invoice print preview 

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It is possible to insert a personalized logo.
Menu file → Set up a logo


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The heading of the invoice will be identical to the one entered in
Menu File → File and accounting properties → Address tab


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Customer's address

The address of the client will be retrieved from the  Contacts table, where you have to set up customer addresses.

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Invoice data

The content of the invoice must be entered in the new dialog for creating / editing an invoice.
Invoices Menu → New Invoice

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Custom text at end

You can define title, initial text and final notes from the Invoice Dialogue

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Swiss QR-Code

The settings for automatically creating the QR payment slip can only be defined for Switzerland, only with the Layout with Swiss QR Code [CH10]

How to start

The steps to create the invoices are as follows:

  1. Download the Invoice template
  2. Enter your data
  3. Enter the Contacts (Clients) data
  4. Enter Invoice data
  5. Print invoices

For more information, please visit the How to...  page.

Other Functions:

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