How to start an Invoice

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To use the Invoice application you must have downloaded and installed Banana Accounting Plus.

For a quick and easy start we recommend the use of one of our templates.

Create an Invoice file

Create an Invoice file starting with an existing template or by creating an empty file as follows:

  • Menu File → New.
  • Select Region / language.
  • As Type, select Invoices.
  • In the section on the right select the required template.
  • Double-click on the template name or click the Create button. The program will open the selected file directly.
  • Save the file indicating it's name.

Enter base data

Create new Invoice

Via the Invoice → New Invoice ... dialog a new invoice will be created.

applicazione fattura

  1. Enter the basic information of the invoice (invoice no, date, object, initial text and final text).
  2. Enter your billing address (customer address).
  3. Enter the invoice details (product, description, quantity, amount).
  4. Check subtotals and grand totals and enter any discounts.
  5. In Settings ... define some basic parameters of the invoice (currency, decimal points, rounding, payment term and VAT mode).
  6. Save and print the invoice.

Print an invoice

Via the Invoice menuPrint Invoice command, or by clicking Print in the dialog for creating or modifying an invoice, you access the window for printing the invoice.

Printing is done by using a series of predefined layouts, including the new [CH10] Layout with Swiss QR code and [UNI11] Programmable Invoice layout.

Using tables

The Invoice file consists of the following tables:

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