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The Items table presents the columns where to insert the data for the management of the items and the warehouse.

The items will be available in the Invoice Dialogue when creating or editing the invoice, simplifying data entry.

tabella articoli applicazione fattura

The columns

The items table contains many columns; those displayed in the image are those in the Base view. The complete list is visible in the Complete view. To customise the columns, please refer to the Columns setup page.

All column contents can also be printed on the invoice. See customisation print layout detail CH10.


Link to a product image file or descriptive PDF file


The item number is entered.


The description of the item is entered.


The type of unit is entered (pieces, hours, etc.).

Unit Price

The unit price is entered.
In the invoice settings dialogue you indicate whether the amounts are VAT excluded or including VAT.
Please note that if you change the setting from VAT excluded to including VAT or vice versa, the program changes the amounts, so that the same invoice can be printed with VAT excluded amounts or amounts including VAT.


Any account is entered as information to be used for manual entry in accounting.
This value serves only as information, it is not used for creating invoices.


Any notes are inserted.

 Import of catalogue

Using the import functions, it is possible to automate the import of data from an existing product catalogue. See Retrieving data from other software.

It is also possible to integrate product catalogues into the invoicing program.

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