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Invoice printing is done from the menu Invoices → Print Invoice.

This command creates a print preview of the invoice. Directly from the preview, by clicking on the settings symbol (cogwheel) in the toolbar, you access the following dialogue box:

  • Print Invoices dialogue. From this dialogue box you can do various things:
    • Set the layout to be used for printing the invoice.
    • Access the layout settings to customise the printout.
    • Change the print settings.
    • Export the invoice in pdf or other formats.

With the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus it is also possible to print several invoices at the same time and obtain single PDFs for each of them! For more information visit the page Print invoices or customer statements as separate PDFs.

Print layout and customisation

The printing of the offer or invoice is highly customisable for several reasons:

For more information on customisation, please consult the following pages:

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