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    Audit Reports [BETA]


    This extension allows you to generate useful accounting reports for auditors and easily copy them into Excel. You can choose the period for which data should be taken and add additional columns to the reports.

    The main purpose of this extension is to provide reports that can be easily copied into excel, summarising and showing the main accounting data that are normally taken as a basis by auditors when preparing their analysis.

    Useful reports for Banana users who need to send their auditor accounting data, but also for auditors who use Banana themselves, as these reports are based on the functionalities already offered by Banana and therefore facilitate and speed up the collection of accounting data.


    The following reports can be generated:

    • General Ledger: Shows the transactions for each account, like in the account card.
    • Journal: Shows the details of each transaction.
    • VAT Journal: Shows the details of each VAT transaction.
    • Trial Balance: Shows the balance of all accounting items in two columns (debit and credit).
    • Customers And Suppliers: Shows list of customers and suppliers and information about them.

    Through a dialogue it is possible to decide the time of year to be taken into account in the reports.

    Adding extra columns

    Through the command "Columns Settings" additional columns can be inserted in each report, except for the trial balance, which remains as it is. To add a column to the report, simply enter its xml name in the dialogue. To add several columns, separate them with a semicolon ";" as shown in the example. 

    copy icon report

    The columns you can add are the same present in the Transactions table, except for the Customers and Suppliers report, for which you find the data in the Accounts table.

    If you accidentally add a column that is not contained in the tables mentioned, no error is currently raised, the column will be added but no value will be present.

    Copy to Excel

    Reports are easily copied to Excel, when the report preview is generated, just click on the "copy" icon and paste the copied table into an Excel sheet.

    copy icon report

    Once the whole table has been copied, you can arrange the file as you want and customise your report with Excel tools.

    example excel


    • Total debit and total credit are different: The total Debit and total Credit do not match, check if the same error is present in your Accounting file, if it is only present in the report send us a feedback


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