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The Create PDF command is activated from the menu File  > Create PDF and it prints in a PDF format everything that you see on screen.

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There is also a different command from the menu File > Create PDF dossier, that gives you the possibility to choose which contents of your Banana Accounting Plus file you want to include in your Pdf dossier.

Saving options

Saving options are available with Banana Accounting Plus Dev Channel and require the Advanced plan.

Add attachments

Save the attachments within the PDF file. Attachments refer to local files that have been inserted in the Link columns of various tables. In the created PDF file, a symbol will be placed next to each attachment. By clicking on the symbol, the attachment will be opened and displayed. Please note that the ability to open the attached files is only available in PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit, and others. If the PDF file is opened in a web browser, it might not be possible to open the attachments.

This option is only visible if the document(s) contain Link elements.

Technical notes

  • In print and print preview (physical printer and virtual pdf printer of the operating system) all fonts supported by the operating system are possible.
  • In Windows pdf export only TrueType fonts that have Unicode cmap mapping and contain the following tables "OS/2", "cmap", "cvt ", "fpgm", "glyf", "head", "hhea", "hmtx", "loca", "maxp", "name", "post", "prep".
  • If the program fails to load the indicated font, it replaces it with a default one (Helvetica or Arial depending on the operating system) and a message is displayed to the user that it is unable to use the PDF font.

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