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The Create Pdf... command is activated from the File menu Create Pdf... and prints in a Pdf format everything that you see on screen.

crea pdf

There is also a different command from the File menu → Create Pdf dossier..., that give you the possibility of choosing which contents of your Banana Accounting Plus file you want to include in your Pdf dossier.

Technical notes

  • In print and print preview (physical printer and virtual pdf printer of the operating system) all fonts supported by the operating system are possible.
  • In Windows pdf export only TrueType fonts that have Unicode cmap mapping and contain the following tables "OS/2", "cmap", "cvt ", "fpgm", "glyf", "head", "hhea", "hmtx", "loca", "maxp", "name", "post", "prep".
  • If the program fails to load the indicated font, it replaces it with a default one (Helvetica or Arial depending on the operating system) and a message is displayed to the user that it is unable to use the font.

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