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Print everything you see on the screen

In addition to the various reports available, Banana Accounting allows you to print everything you see on the screen, in any table, by simply using the File → Print command.

Print preview

All the printouts of the various accounting documents can be saved in PDF, Html, MS Excel and copied to the Clipboard, allowing the user to also access them many years later.

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    The button pulls up the Printer Setup window from your Windows system: the selections are valid for the current working session only. Permanent alterations need to be input using the Windows control panel.

    Horizontal or vertical printing and other printing parameters of the table need to be input under the Page Setup command and are different for each view.

    Print selected cells only

    When you have a selection of cells in the table, the Selection option is activated and the preview and printing will concern the selected cells only. To print the entire table, turn off the Selection option.

    Page size

    The page size is taken over from the printer preferences. To change or correct the page size, go to the printing preferences and select the desired size (for example, A4). If you have already selected this size (A4), you must select it again to correct the page size.

    Exporting to other formats

    Printouts can be exported in different formats:

    • Pdf
      The print format.
      The page size of the pdf is taken from the printer preferences.
      Before creating pdfs to be printed or emailed, please check that the page size in the printer preferences is set to A4.
    • Html
      Pages that you can open with your internet browser.
    • Excel
      The data is not really exported to Excel, but the file is exported in Html format, with the extension .xls.
      Excel indicates that the data is not in Excel format, but opens the file anyway and also takes some, but not all, formatting.
    • Latex
      Presentation format.
    • Copy to clipboard.
      The entire report is copied to the clipboard, so you can paste it into Excel or other programmes.


    Print settings

    By clicking on the Toothed Wheel you access the print setup menu.

    Accounting printouts

    You can find information on specific printouts for the different accounting types at the following pages:



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