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The Print and Preview properties are accessed via the File menu → Page Setup command.
Each View of the table has its own own print setting. The name of the view is indicated in the dialogue title.

impostazioni di pagina

Header left

This is where the title for the current view is shown. The title can be edited and appears at the top left of the printed page.

Header right

It is possible to enter a different text that will be printed at the top right-hand side of the page.


Allows you to add a logo:

  • Use the Change button to the right of the Logo box; you access the Logo Formats dialog.
  • Select Add and insert your own logo.
  • Back in the Page Setup window, enter Logo in place of none.
  • Confirm with the OK button.

More details for inserting a logo are available on the Logo setup page.


It is possible to input the page margins here: Left, Right, Top, Bottom. Measurements are in centimeters.

Shrink page to printable area

This function makes it possible to adapt the printable area when the print goes past the margins of the earlier defined page margins.

Include in print

When these functions are activated, they allow to display the following data:

File Headers

This is the text that is being entered in the File and Accounting properties found in the File menu.

Page Headers

The page header will also be included in the printout.

Table Name

The table header (f.i. Accounts, Transactions, etc.) is also being included in the printout.

Column headers

Allows to display the various table columns.

Large font

The program prints the headers using a slightly larger font.

Page break

When activated, this option maintains the entered page breaks; if not, they will be ignored, even if they are present.

Page numbers

Activate this option to request that the pages be numbered.

Print time

Activate this option to include the time of when the page was printed.

Print date

Activate this option to include the date when the page was printed.

Row number

Activate this option if a progressive number is to be given to each row.


The grid can be printed just as it is viewed on screen.


The program automatically adapts the page dimension.

Zoom %

This allows the increase or decrease, on a percentage basis, of the size of the font to be printed.

Reduce to page width

If some columns exceed the width of the page, the program reduces the columns or reduces the zoom so that all the columns will be printed correctly on the page.

As on screen

The print-out will be carried out exactly as presented on the screen.

In case the contents goes past the page dimension:

  • If the option "Reduce to page width" is being activated, the font size will be reduced;
  • If the option "Reduce to page width" is not being activated, the part that goes past the paper will not be printed.

Print in black and white

All colors will be converted in gray scales.

Print landscape

To print in landscape format which makes the page read horizontal.



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