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These are extensions of the program's functionalities, for reporting, calculating, exporting, importing, establishing bills and reminders and other.

They need to be set up by the user by clicking the appropriate button in the Extensions menu > Manage Extensions dialog, for example Import into accounting.

The Extensions menu lists all the already installed Banana Extensions related to the file that is open at the moment. By selecting the command, the indicated Extension will be executed.

Manage Extensions

The Manage Extensions command allows you to search for, install, alter your settings or uninstall Banana Extensions.

Installing a new Extension

For installing a new Extension, visit our Manage Extensions page.

Technical information on Banana Extensions

Herewith some technical information on Banana Extensions

  • They are programs in Javascript that make use of API's available in Banana Accounting.
  • They are very secure and cannot perform functions that might impact on the operating system.
  • Single Extensions.
    A text file with the .js extension, which contains a program in Javascript, indicating the characteristics to be a Banana Extensions.
  • Extension package
    A compressed file with the .sbaa extension, which can contain several other files, necessary for the application, such as commands, images, dialogues. A package can contain several commands. The title of the package and the commands it contains are indicated in the Extensions menu.
    If you disable a package, all Extensions will be disabled.

Prerequisites for running Extensions

The commands for running Banana Extensions are only made available if the current file (the one on which you are working) has the features required by the Extensions. If any features are missing, the Extension will either not be visible or not executable in the Extensions menu.

  • Extensions are available in specific context:
  • Association via a File Type
    This requires the current file to be - for example - an Accounting file, or the double entry file, or addresses.
  • Association via a property
    Some Extensions will only be executable if the relevant word is specified in the File properties, Other section (from the File menu).
    For example, the List of Administrators to be printed, that require specific fields, will require the word "Administrator".

Subscription to Advanced plan required

Some extensions are available in the Free and Professional plans, while several others require the Advanced plan
The required plan information is indicated in the extension itself.

In addition:

  • The Advanced plan is required to run local and web-downloaded extensions.
  • Some extensions requiring the Advanced plan can also be used with other plans only as long as the accounting file has less than 70 rows.

Develop your own Extensions

Anyone can create Banana Extensions that extend the functionality of the program:

To develop a Banana Extension, it is recommended to set out from an existing project.


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