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Via the Reports → Account cards → Options menu you can access the various options that can be included or excluded from displaying  and printing.

Option section of Account card

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This function was created in order to avoid printing an account partially on one page and partially on the following. If the account card to be printed doesn't have at least a number of rows corresponding to the number input in this field, printing the whole card will be moved to the next page.

One account per page
By activating this function, each card will be printed on a separate page (even those with few transactions).

Repeat column's headers
By activating this function, the column headers will be repeated for each account, within the page.

Include accounts with no transactions
By activating this function, cards without transactions will be printed as well.

You can select the columns view to be included in the account cards display and printout:

  • Base
  • VAT
  • Cost centers
  • Expiration dates

If no criteria are specified the program will keep the order present in the Transactions table.

Sort column
In the account card, transactions can be sorted according to different data criteria:

  • Document date
  • Value date
  • Expiration date
  • Payment date
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