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You can access the invoice printing dialog from the Print Preview by clicking on Settings (cog wheel symbol).

To access the print preview, you have three options:

  • From the Invoices menu > Print Invoice command.
  • From the Print button of the invoice creation/editing dialog.
  • From the Invoices table, by clicking on the small Print Invoice icon at the top of the Id column cell (invoice number).

The program directly displays a preview of the invoice, using the default layout [CH10] Invoice layout with Swiss QR code.

With the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus it is also possible to print several invoices at the same time and obtain single PDFs for each of them! For more information visit the page Print invoices or customer statements as separate PDFs.

Once you have chosen the printing options, with the OK button the invoice is previewed.

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Print section


This option allows you to change the layout of the invoice. A number of predefined layouts are available.

Layout Preferences

Requirements for using layout preferences:

This option allows you to set the preferences offered by the selected layout.
If a layout with no preferences is selected, this section is not displayed in the dialogue box.

  • Print as
        You can select the type of document you wish to print, the choices are:
    • Automatic: Print the document in invoice format.
    • Delivery note with amounts: Print the document as a delivery note.
    • Delivery note without amounts: Print the document as a delivery note, without showing the amounts and the total.
    • Invoice: Prints the document in invoice format:
    • 1st reminder: Prints the document as first reminder
    • 2nd reminder: Print the document as second reminder
    • 3rd reminder: Print document as third reminder

The chosen document type is not saved for the next time, instead it is set to "automatic" again.

Layout preferences are offered by the following layouts:

Additional layouts

This button redirects you to the Manage Extensions dialog, where you can install new templates, update existing ones with the latest versions, or add your own custom templates.


Allows you to set the parameters of the selected print layout. Each layout has its own customizable settings.

Visit the Invoice Settings page for more information on customizing the CH10 layout.

Options section

In this section you can add specific texts for each language, for example, to indicate final greetings or bank details for payment. Depending on the language of the customer, the program will display at the end of the invoice the texts saved for the indicated language.

Only one type of text can be entered, one for each language.

The texts entered in this section will be included in the printing of all invoices, with whatever printing layout is used.

To add a final text:

  • Invoice menu → Print Invoices.
  • Select from the Settings icon (cog wheel symbol) > Options section. Enter the desired text.
  • Confirm with OK.

The entered text will appear in the print preview of the invoice.
Printing invoices, Option section

Save Invoice as PDF

Invoices can also be saved in PDF format so that they can be conveniently sent via email.:

  • From the Print preview Invoices → Print Invoices → OK
  • select Create PDF from the toolbar

Print Invoice

Once the print preview is displayed, to print the invoice:

  • Go to the Print icon on the toolbar (above).
  • Or save the PDF and print it.
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