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The Banana Accounting Time sheet is a free application, included in the Free version. Based on Tables, its functions will enable a faster management of fixed and flexible working hours.

In Switzerland, as in most other European countries, every employer has a legal obligation to document the working time of their employees. We have developed an application and templates to manage working hours in order to cope with this requirement.

If you need to start immediately, you may use one of the preset templates, that are easily customizable and adaptable to any working time. The program contains two types of time sheet files:

  1. Simplified registrations    - indicate daily hours worked.
  2. Systematic registrations  - start and end times of work are indicated.

With Time sheet you manage:

  • Hours worked.
  • Overtime worked.
  • Projected hours.
  • Travel and reimbursements.
  • Absences, holidays and leave.
  • Discrepancies between scheduled and completed hours.
  • Carrying over data to the following year (outstanding holidays and unpaid time).
  • Print of monthly an yearly reports.


To be able to create and use Time sheet, you will have to be Setting up the Time Sheet file:

time sheet preview  

foglio ore passo 1



The Time sheet header data is taken from those entered in the menu
File → File properties (Basic data) → Time sheet

foglio ore passo 2


Schedule Working time schedule

You can plan your working hours by entering the reports of the previous year, working days, holidays and working hours due in via the following menu
File → File properties (Basic data) → Start

stampa fattue passo 3


Dates, holidays and festive days

You can define the period and customize holidays and non-working days. Use the Journal table of the Time Sheet, Festive column

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Time sheet data

Enter the Time sheet data, recording your working hours, absences and planning your vacation day by day. Go to the Journal table of the Time Sheet to enter your data .

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Stay in control of the totals and balances of hours worked, payment due, leaves and holidays.

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