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With the free Banana Accounting Time sheet you can easily start entering working times and overview the total of hours worked, the balance of hours, holidays, absences.

It works like Excel but is optimized for calculation of hours. It is therefore much more reliable and you can easily manage all kind of working hours. You have a comprehensive view of the hours and can always correct.

You can set the hours you have to work every day and thus have the balance of hours constantly updated. You can also indicate the vacation days you are entitled to, enter the holidays you will take, and will always know how many days are still have available.

You will therefore have a complete report to present to your employer, which allows you to comply with the legal obligation to keep track of hours worked.

follow the specific settings:

time sheet preview  

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The Time sheet header data is taken from those entered in the menu
File → File properties (Basic data) → Time sheet

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Schedule Working time schedule

You can plan your working hours by entering the hours carried over of the previous year, working days, holidays and working hours due in via the following menu
File → File properties (Basic data) → Start

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Dates, holidays and festive days

You can define the period and customize holidays and non-working days. Use the Journal table of the Time Sheet, Festive column

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Time sheet data

Enter the Time sheet data, recording your working hours, absences and planning your vacation day by day. Go to the Journal table of the Time Sheet to enter your data .

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Stay in control of the totals and balances of hours worked, payment due, leaves and holidays.

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