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The possibility of merging accounting files together is very useful; it allows, for example, to merge the accounting files of different branches of the same company, or to absorb the accounts of dislocated activities in the accounting file of the parent company, both for associations and businesses.
In Banana Accounting Plus this feature is only available with the Advanced plan, or in the Professional and Free plans with Advanced plan in demonstration mode.

The command is activated vie Tools → Merge File.

It is possible to merge two files, but they have to belong to the same application (for example two double-entry accounting files). It is not possible to merge files belonging to different applications (for example one double-entry accounting file and one income & expense file).

In order to successfully merge two files, it is crucial that they contain the same accounts numbers. Proceed as follows:

  • Open the file which will contain the data of both files.
  • Select the Tools →  Merge File command.
  • Select the path and the name of the file to be merged.
  • Confirm the merge operation.
  • If the files are not identical, even though they belong to the same application, (for example, accounting with VAT/Sales tax and accounting without VAT/Sales tax), a message will appear warning against probable data loss.


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