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This tab will only appear if an accounting template with VAT/Sales tax management is selected.

The VAT section for setting up VAT accounts is accessed via the File menu → File properties (basic data) → VAT menu.

VAT section in file properties

VAT Account

The automatic breakdown VAT account, present in the chart of accounts, is set by default. For Swiss users it corresponds to the VAT according to VAT report. In this case it is not necessary to enter the VAT account in the VAT Code Table.

With the setting of the automatic breakdown VAT account only, all the VAT amounts, both of the sales and of the purchases, flow respectively into the credit and debit of this account and it is not necessary to set up the recoverable VAT account. At the end of the quarter, the balance of the automatic breakdown VAT account is turned over to the VAT payable account (or Inland Revenue VAT account).

Recoverable VAT Account

If the automatic breakdown VAT account is not set up as the only VAT account, the recoverable VAT account is set up. In this case it is not necessary to enter the account in the VAT Codes table.

VAT rounding

It is defined how the VAT amounts must be rounded; for example, if you enter 0.05, the VAT amounts are rounded to multiples of 0.05.

Cost centers 1 (CC1), 2 (CC2), 3 (CC3)

For each type of Cost Center it is possible to choose which amount to use for registration in the cost center:

  • Use the transaction amount.
  • Use the amount with VAT included
    (In the case of cost centers used for customer or supplier accounts)
  • use the amount without VAT
    Setting whether the cost center is used for costs or revenues.

if one of these parameters is changed, the accounting will have to be recalculated.

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