Transition to 2024 VAT rates

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From 1st January 2024, the new VAT rates in Switzerland will be applied.

In case you need to register invoices with the new 2024 rates, these can be applied starting from the 3rd quarter of 2023 for the effective method, and from the 2nd half of 2023 for the flat tax rate method.

Further details are available on the website of the Federal Tax Administration page.

Banana Accounting Plus already provides:

Below are the steps tofollow to adapt to the new VAT codes to your accounting files and prepare the new facsimile of the Swiss VAT report:

Update your version of Banana Accounting

Updating the VAT Codes table and using the Swiss VAT extensions requires version 10.1.7 or higher. If you have an older version, download the latest version from the Banana Plus Download page

We recommend that you always back up your files, an important precaution with any program.

To use the Swiss VAT Report 2024 extension, the Advanced plan will be required as of 01.07.2024. Until this date, the feature will be free with any Banana Plus plan.

Banana 9 Users

The new extensions for the Swiss VAT Report 2024 are not available for Banana 9 users, therefore you will need to upgrade to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Pus. The VAT code table can only be updated manually because automatic import is not available.

Update the VAT Codes table to the new VAT rates

To use the new VAT extensions for printing the statement, you need to update the VAT Codes table in your accounts.
It is advisable to do this at the beginning of 2024, before starting to enter postings in the accounting.

In order to update the VAT Codes table of your accounting file, proceed as follows:

  • Make a backup copy of your file to be safe
  • Open your accounting file
  • Select from the menu Actions > Import to accounting > Import VAT codes
  • Select Switzerland New VAT Rates 2024
  • Confirm by clicking on the OK button

    Import VAT Codes

More information is available on the Updating the VAT Codes table page.

Install the extension Swiss VAT Report 2024

The extensions for the new 2024 VAT report are currently in the BETA version and only work from Banana Accounting Plus 10.1 or higher.

  • From the Extensions menu, click on the Manage extensions... 
  • In the search box at the top right, type the text 2024
  • Select the extensions you need

    Install Extension Swiss VAT Codes 2024
  • Click on Install

Swiss VAT Report effective method

  • Select from the menu Extensions > Swiss VAT Report 2024 effective method > VAT return since 2024
  • Select the period and the type of print. Click OK.

    VAT Codes effective method Dialog

For more information please visit the Swiss VAT tax report - effective method page.

Facsimile Preview
VAT Codes effective method Form

From 01.07.2024 you will need the Advanced plan to use this extension.

Swiss VAT Report flat tax rate method

For the Flat VAT rate method, from 2024 new VAT rates will be applicable.
We recommend updating the VAT Codes table, replacing all the codes as described above.

  • If you use the end of the period VAT calculation method (without splitting the VAT amount in the transactions), you must enter the new VAT rate when proceeding with the VAT report.

    VAT flat tax rate Dialog
  • If , on the other hand, you split the VAT amount for each transaction, you need to change your VAT Codes table entering the new rate.

For more information please visit the Swiss VAT tax report - Flat tax rate method page.

From 01.07.2024 you will need the Advanced plan to use this extension.


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