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The financial planning by sectors allows you to run budget and income statement forecasts for each sector or branch of the company. With the Segments, you can then evaluate the different areas of the company and understand what contribution it makes to the overall business.

The forecast, with the double-entry method, also allows you to indicate the segments which are set in the Accounts table, at the end of the chart of accounts and are used both for accounting and forecasting. When recording the movements of the forecast, the accounts of the segments must be entered when necessary. Banana Accounting executes the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement of the forecast as well, with the subdivision by the different segments.

The projections are calculated on the basis of the initial balance and the forecasts entered in the Budget table. When a budget movement is changed , forecasts of the project are instantly updated. You can produce simulations, reassign a payment, add an investment, modify sales and spot how the project changes.

Sector or branch data with segments can be displayed in several ways.

Chart of Accounts

Segments are set up in the Chart of Accounts. When indicating the segments for the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement accounts, the balance of the segment will always result as zero in the accounts.

tabella conti segmenti

Account card with Segments budget data

With the Budget Account card command you have the possibility to examine all the movements for each segment in detail.

scheda gruppo segmenti The Account card allows you to specify whether you want to display the current or budget movements.

  • Select budget movements
  • Indicate the required segment, or the group.
  • Set up the Period.
    If you indicate a period that extends beyond the accounting period, the program will automatically switch to Forecasts over several years.
  • If you indicate a group, you will see the movements of all the segments belonging to that group.
  • When in the Budget table, you can access the Budget Account card by clicking on the small icon next to the account number.

Enhanced Balance sheet with groups

With the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups you can choose to divide the values into separate columns for each segment. Thus, you dispose of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement for each sector.

bilancio per segmenti Preventivo

Accounting report for the Budget of Segments

The Accounting report is similar to the Enhanced balance sheet with groups, with the difference that, the display takes place in columns.

It can therefore be used to display an instant view of the evolution of the segments.

report conti per settori

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