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See what's is new in dialogs with the 2022-02-01 release.


Released on Juli 18 2023

  • General
    • Fixed: the VAT is calculated even when vat mode set to no vat
    • Fixed: after setting the rounding's decimals to 4 digits, the totals remain with 2 digits
    • Fixed: creating an invoice from an estimate doesn't update the due date
    • Fixed: the due date can't be left empty
    • Fixed: wrong dialog title for estimates
    • Fixed: wrong translation for Dutch language
  • Interface
    • Fixed: in the invoice dialog the move item down button is not active
    • Fixed: in the settings tab the option's switchs are not visibles when the dialog is resized
    • Fixed: moving up / down an item create an invalid item object
    • Fixed: in the settings tab the vertical scrollbar has to be always visible


Released on April 03 2023

  • General
    • Fix: vat total row not visibile in invoice's dialog
    • Fix: error opening dialog with qt 6.5


Released on December 14 2022

  • General
    • Fix: when the invoice dialog is closed, the application is closed too (this error occurred only with the latest Banana Insider Version)


Released on December 6 2022

  • Data entry
    • New: added setting "Default Vat Code", the "Default Vat Code" is applied automatically to items added to the invoice


Released on September 29 2022

  • Data entry
    • Fix changing from incluse vat to exclusive vat change the unit price.
      Now the unit prices remain unchanged, but the invoice total is updated.
    • Fix entering the customer id in the combo box doesn't visual the corresponding customer entry
    • New: changes to the settings for new documents settings are now applied to the current document;


Released on September 21 2022

  • Data entry
    • Fix the invoice's number is not updated when it is modified in the invoice's table
    • Fix the invoice's dialog does not open and an error is showed if the title for new invoices is empty
    • Fix entering amounts in the local format is not working


Released on March 31 2022

  • Interface
    • New: You can enter and print business units names in the address (advanced plan)
    • Fix the language of the invoice title is not that of the document
    • Fix the language of the invoice title is not updated when changing the language
    • Fix the language of the invoice title is not updated when changing the customer


Released on February 10 2022

  • Interface
    • Fix article's search is case sensitive.
    • Fix highlight of the matched article in the combo box.
    • Fix the item quantity can not be cleared, the user can not enter an item as description (quantity and price empty)
    • Fix the quantity for articles without price is set to 1, the user can not use predefined articles as description row (quantity and price empty)



Released on February 08 2022

  • Interface
    • Fix button create invoice does not create any new invoice.
    • Fix button duplicate invoice does not create any new invoice.



Released on February 07 2022

  • Interface
    • Fix save button is not saving the invoice in particular cases.
    • Fix text fields doesn't automatically scroll horizontally, edited text beyond the field's with is not visible.


Released on February 01 2022

  • Data entry
    • New: You can enter a discount for each item, both as amount or as percentage. (Advanced plan).
    • New: You can enter an item's date (Advanced plan).
    • New: You can define and add custom fields to the invoice (Advanced plan).
    • New: You can enter unit prices and quantities with 4 or more decimals.
    • New: You can enter multi-line texts or bold texts for the item description.
    • New: You can enter multi-line texts or bold texts for the invoice begin text and the invoice final text.
    • New: You can enter a deposit already paid by the client.
    • New: The fields Prefix (Courtesy), Address extra and P.O.Box have been added to the customer's address.
    • New: You can search for a contact address by entering the  name, surname, company, email or tax number.
    • New: You can search for an item by entering part of the description.
  • Interface
    • New: You can switch between different views of the invoice, from a general view to a more detailed one.
    • New: The new Settings tab lets you set the initial values for new invoices and estimates, and select which fields are visible in the Invoice tab.
    • New: You can select which fields to show and which fields to hide through views and settings.
    • Added the invoice total at the top right to speed up invoice verification.
    • The total VAT 0% has been added in the VAT recapitulation.
    • The last dimension and position of the dialog are stored and resumed the next time the dialogue is opened.
    • The width of the columns is stored and resumed the next time the dialog is opened.
    • A help button has been added to all dialogs.
  • General
    • A notification is showed when an updated Version of the extension was installed.
    • Improved compatibility with macOS dark mode.
    • Improved compatibility with high resolution monitors.

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