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The new Estimates and Invoices application is included in Banana Accounting Plus. Creating and printing estimates and invoices becomes quick and easy.

To start, just download for free the Free Plan. You may enter up to a maximum of 20 invoices and 20 offers.

With the yearly plan, you can add an unlimited number of estimates and invoices. 

How to set up estimates and invoices

To create estimates and invoices, just set up your customer data, items or services to be invoiced, unit prices and VAT rates, while the program takes care of everything else.

There are many automations to make your work easy and with immediate professional results.

  • Automatic retrieval of addresses from contacts to avoid having to re-enter the data in the invoice.
  • Data import from SmallInvoice with specific Banana extension.
  • No manual calculation. All calculations are automatic, always accurate and updated.
  • Detailed estimates that can be quickly converted into invoices and sent to the customer.
  • Invoices created with QR code for Switzerland.
  • For every invoice, language, currency, number of decimals and rounding system can be set up. 
  • Changes and/or duplicates of invoices and offers already made to the customer. You just need to to add quantities and the new invoice is ready to be sent.
  • Annotations for memos or other.
  • Payment date to check receipts.
  • View of overdue invoices to check due dates.
  • PDF saving and paper-printable.
  • Invoice archiving to have a history that is always organised and ready for possible tax inspections.
  • Dark Mode on Mac and Windows.

Excel-like features

Based on spreadsheets

The estimate and invoice application is built upon various tables, which are used in a similar way to those of Excel, but that are already fully set up and programmed with everything needed to manage your inventory in a fast and safe way.

  • Contacts table
    This is the table where customer data can be registered in a precise and orderly way. The data can always be updated and modified.
  • Items table
    This is the table where the data for the management of the items or services to be invoiced are inserted. By assigning an ID it is possible to group the various categories of items or services to be invoiced. You enter the quantities, the unit price and you can indicate the reference account in the accounting. Columns are also available for entering the date of entry and exit of the goods and for annotations.
  • Invoices table
    This table is intended for entering the items which need to be invoiced.It is the most automated:
    • Automatic resumption of the customer's address by simply selecting the customer's contact ID.
    • Automatic retrieval of all invoice data: by double clicking on the cell in the Total column, an invoice dialogue opens up where you will find all the data entered in the other columns of the Invoices table (customer address, date and invoice number, reference, order number, unit price, VAT rate and other possible data). Just enter the quantities and the invoice is ready.It can be saved in PDF or printed on paper.
  • Estimates table
    The offer data is entered. It is completely similar to the Invoices table, with the same functions, calculations and printing methods, obviously the wording changes. The estimates can be converted into invoices at any time with automatic recovery of the data in the invoice, which can be immediately saved, printed and sent to the customer with automatic recovery of the data in the invoice, which can be immediately saved, printed and sent to the customer.
  • VAT codes table 
    VAT codes are set up for creating invoices. Whilst preparing invoices, both the rates and calculations are taken up automatically . The rates can be modified if the regulations in force change.

Accounting set up

Headings and basic data of Estimates and Invoices set up in a single dialog box, easy to display.

File and data saving

Handling Estimates and Invoices

Error reporting and control

Prints and reports

Data export and storage

Comprehensive documentation

History of updates

The Estimate and Invoice application is constantly subject to updates and improvements.

For further details, consult the page Change history of estimates and invoices extension. 

 Features only available with the Advanced plan

Some customisations of the printing layout CH10 and UNI11 are available only with Banana Advanced.

 Features currently not available

The Estimates and Invoices application is one of the latest additions to the family and for the moment it supports the essential functions related to the preparation and printing of estimates and invoices. It does not yet support the following functionalities:

  • It is not possible to import invoice data into the accounting file.
  • Connect with Inventory application.
  • Export individual invoice data.
  • Automated sending of invoices by email.
  • Automated sending of invoices by eBill.
  • Define multiple IBAN codes.
  • Add additional columns in the invoice details.
  • Define a discount for a single contact.
  • Define a discount for a single item.
  • Create a series of invoices.
  • Importing QR-Code payments.
  • Send a payment reminder.
  • Create a new year.
  • Enter the shipping address.
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